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What is a permanent magnet material?

2021-11-18 22:17:14     

Definition of permanent magnetic material: Permanent magnetic material is also called hard magnetic material, which means that after the magnetic material is magnetized by some external magnetic field, it can preserve its strong magnetism for a very long period of time, and has high coercivity. force. Permanent magnetic materials are the earliest discovered and applied by mankind. At the same time, it is also a kind of magnetic material with rapid progress and wide application.

Permanent magnetic materials, also known as hard magnetic materials, usually have high coercivity, and their coercivity HC is generally not less than 10A4/m. Once magnetized and have a high magnetic energy product, they will be exposed to external magnetic fields, temperature and vibration. It has a high degree of stability to maintain magnetism when it is disturbed.

Permanent magnet material requirements

1. Br should be high;

2. Hc should be high;

3. (BH)max should be high;

4. Material stability should be high.

Permanent magnet material characteristics

1. Has a high magnetic energy product. The magnetic energy that can be stored and used by the outside within the unit volume of permanent magnetic materials has a higher density value, that is, a high magnetic energy product.

2. Have a higher coercivity. Permanent magnetic materials can maintain the permanent magnetic properties of the material when subjected to external interference from magnetic fields and non-magnetic fields.

3. Have a higher residual magnetic flux density and strength. The permanent magnet material has a higher magnetic field strength in the air gap, and also has a higher stability performance.

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