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About Ferrite

2021-12-10 22:23:48     

Ferrite magnetic rings mainly include nickel-zinc ferrite magnetic rings and manganese-zinc ferrite magnetic rings. These two types of magnetic rings have strict distinctions between the use of different frequencies. The nickel-zinc ferrite bead is suitable for suppressing electromagnetic interference in the high frequency band; the manganese-zinc ferrite bead is suitable for suppressing the electromagnetic interference in the low frequency band.

Advantages of ferrite bead

1. It is very convenient to use, just put it on the cable that needs to be filtered;

2. It does not need to be grounded like other filtering methods, so there are no special requirements for structural design and circuit board design;

3. When used as a common mode choke, it will not cause signal distortion, which is very valuable for wires that transmit high-frequency signals.

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